The difference between Body butter, Cream, Body oil and Body lotion

The difference between Body butter, Cream, Body oil and Body lotion

Body butter

You can consider that it has a similar to the butter we eat. Butter has a rich and creamy properties. Smell is strong and lasting longer than others. It is produced using a combination of the carrier oils and essential butters and do not contain water. Butters are the essential fats and minerals that are extracted from natural ingredients such as palm, cocoa, mango and nut. Carrier oils are the substances that are used to hold and deliver the essential ingredients into the skin. These ingredients give essential nutrient and soothe to skin. So it is the best used on dry and delicate skin, or in a dry climate where moisture can escape from the skin. Some dermatologists and spas suggest it should be applied for lips, hands, elbows, legs and feet.


Cream products contain the same basic ingredients as butter, plus water based ingredients such as aloe vera, herbal infusion and hydrasol. Sometimes manufacturers add a wax such as beeswax as well as some type of mild thickener like xanthan gum or an emulsifier like borax. A cream may have butters or solid fats in it, but not necessarily. It is suitable for dry and all skin types.

Body oil

Body oils are softening and nourishing for the skin and most emollient. They also resemble the natural oils in our skin, so are easily absorbed. These oils that are usually non-comedogenic, meaning they don’t clog pores, but if you are more acne-prone, I would avoid oils in acne-prone areas such as the face, chest, and back. Body oils are best for dry, rough skin, and are ideally applied to warm, damp skin, like after a shower or bath. They can be used for body and massage treatments.

Body lotion

Lotions, on the other hand, are the most lightest type and absorb quickly because they contain more water. It will not necessarily moisturize as much or stay on skin a butter or cream. So they are better for skin that isn’t as dry, or for people who tend to have oilier skin. Usually lotions are applied to the arms, stomach and thighs. Body Care Lotion are great for use in hotter, more humid climates or seasons, as they tend to won’t ‘sit’ on the skin.