India distributor

In January 2018, my uncle visited Singapore where he discovered the brand LHAMOUR. Being a skin-care enthusiast, he usually gets us different kinds of skincare products every time he’s travelling and this time he got us LHAMOUR body butter and hand butter. Since it was winters in India at the time, I was experiencing extremely dry skin and no product would give a permanent solution to the dryness. After using the body butter every night for two weeks, my skin became extremely healthy. That’s when my uncle also shared Khulan’s story with me and her philosophy of creating and innovating organic, handmade skin care products of the best quality using authentic Mongolian ingredients and giving back to the society at the same time. Having worked in the social industry in India myself, there was nothing else I could relate to more and so I approached Khulan, one thing led to another and today TreasureHunt is the primary importer of LHAMOUR in India. We couldn’t be more proud of this partnership!