It is not anymore about a girl with dreams at home. It has grown to be more than that and it has been expanding ever since.

Our distributors have amazing stories themselves and have all become social entrepreneurs themselves through LHAMOUR. They are making a change within their respective countries one step at a time.

Please find our products in the following countries and more so, meet our amazing distributors.

Why become a distributor

By becoming our distributor, you are not just sharing healthy, high quality products with the people in your area but you are also sharing a philosophy and becoming a member of the LHAMOUR family. Our philosophy of loving yourself, loving others and loving the environment is quickly expanding all over the world, as this is something that can fundamentally shape society in a more positive way. So, be a changemaker yourself and join our global distributor team.

"A month before I got married in 2013, my husband came home one day and told me that his company wanted to move him to Mongolia. My initial reaction... "Let me google it!!!" About 6 weeks after we got married I was packing our apartment in Hong Kong to move to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia.

Mongolia lies between China and Russia and is completely landlocked. It is also one of the coldest, driest and most polluted cities in the world. In 2013, approximately 3 million people lived Mongolia, 2 million in Ulaanbaatar. Less than half of the people in Ulaanbaatar live in modernized apartments while the rest live in traditional Mongolian gers (tents). For 6-8 months of the year, it snows. Residents who live in apartments rely on coal fire plants that are located around the city for heating while those who live in gers burn anything from coal to rubbish to keep themselves warm. As the city lies in a valley, the smoke from all the power plants and heating remains locked in the city causing it to be extremely polluted during winter.

Having an accounting background I was lucky enough to find a job in Mongolia, which was to set up the KPMG Tax practice. Within 6 months, I found that my skin was extremely cracked and dry and my normal skin routine was not good enough to combat the harsh conditions. For a year, I searched for something that would help but found it extremely hard to find affordable skincare that actually worked. In 2016, I came across Lhamour's Coffee Bean Body Scrub one day and fell in love with the product. I felt that the texture of the scrub removed the dry, flaky skin and oils left my skin soft and moisturized. I slowly moved through the whole skincare range and fell in love with the brand.

When I found out that I was moving back to Hong Kong, I approached Khulan to be their distributor in Hong Kong. In doing so, Hong Kong became LHAMOUR’s first export destination in February 2017 and so the #lhamourgoesglobal journey began."


Hong Kong Distributor story

LHAMOUR's philosophy of love – love for yourself, others, and the environment – exemplifies what it means to be an ethical company, and I want to help share their vision with North America and the rest of the world. I admire LHAMOUR's goal to inspire others to live sustainably, display the beauty of Mongolia, and empower others – particularly girls and women across the globe. I'm very honored to have this opportunity to spread LHAMOUR's story and be a part of its worldwide impact.


US representative story

My first time I encountered LHAMOUR is when I went on my Tran Siberian trip starting from Russia in March 2018, the route is Russia - Mongolia - China - Tibet. The weather was very dry and cold, and all the skincare I brought with could not help me from skin crack. The first day in Mongolia I went shopping and I got attracted to LHAMOUR and bought some products to try. Guess which product? yes, Facial Oil - Anti-Pollution. It was really amazing to see my dry patch go better overnight, so I went shopping again the day after and asked for contact and met with the team and here we go, LHAMOUR is coming to Thailand.

Throughout my professional career, I have been working hard but many times I just felt empty, I was dreaming to work on something that can contribute to this world. Now with LHAMOUR, I am working with the goal to deliver great products that do both good to my community and do not harm the world :) Little by little we are giving back to community and the world.


Thailand distributor

In January 2018, my uncle visited Singapore where he discovered the brand LHAMOUR. Being a skin-care enthusiast, he usually gets us different kinds of skincare products every time he’s travelling and this time he got us LHAMOUR body butter and hand butter. Since it was winters in India at the time, I was experiencing extremely dry skin and no product would give a permanent solution to the dryness. After using the body butter every night for two weeks, my skin became extremely healthy. That’s when my uncle also shared Khulan’s story with me and her philosophy of creating and innovating organic, handmade skin care products of the best quality using authentic Mongolian ingredients and giving back to the society at the same time. Having worked in the social industry in India myself, there was nothing else I could relate to more and so I approached Khulan, one thing led to another and today TreasureHunt is the primary importer of LHAMOUR in India. We couldn’t be more proud of this partnership!


India distributor

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