• What does LHAMOUR mean?

    LHAMOUR represents LOVE, hence all OUR products are made with love :)

    LHAMO - is the name of the niece of OUR Founder and CEO.

    AMOUR - derives from the French word for love "L'amour"

    Love yourself, Love others, Love the environment

  • What is the difference between Organic and Natural?

    NATURAL Means ingredients derived directly from plants or minerals. They should have had minimal or no processing. However, those choosing natural products need to be careful as a cosmetic company using only one natural ingredient in a product could still brand it as natural.

    ORGANIC Refers to ingredients derived from non-genetically modified plants, grown in an ecological way, with respect for the environment without the use of artificial pesticides, fertilizers or any other toxic synthetic matter. The ingredient should have been extracted and processed naturally.

  • What ingredients do you use?

    We use the finest and most unique Mongolian natural ingredients such as sea buckthorn oil, rosehip, thyme, goat milk, yak milk, sheep tail fat, beeswax, honey and etc., combining with internationally recognized high quality organic ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, soybean oil and sunflower. All Mongolian ingredients are sourced locally. We work together with herders and farmers, as well with bigger suppliers to guarantee the quality of the ingredients.

  • What is the shelf life of your products?

    Natural products have a shorter shelf life than products with synthetic ingredients. We try to stay as natural as possible and do not include harsh synthetic preservatives. As of now, none of our products have water content in it, so the shelf life is not too short.

    We like to take fresh bread as comparison and pride ourselves with the fact that we provide our customers with the freshest and newest skincare products. Therefore, it is important for customers to take the shelf life into consideration when using it on a daily basis.

    The shelf life of our products are:

    • Oils and butters: 1-2 years after production
    • Scrubs and bath bombs: 1 year after production
    • Natural soaps: 2 years after production
    • Konjac sponge: 2 years if not opened, 2-3 months usage
  • Are there any franchise or wholesale distribution opportunities?

    Yes, please contact [email protected]

  • Does Lhamour have a newsletter? How do I sign up?

    Lhamour sends out e-news every month. Our emails include exclusive offers, product announcements, events and helpful skin and hair care advice.

    If you want to receive our newsletter, sign up here please.

  • Do you have a delivery?

    If the order amount is above 50,000 MNT, In Ulaanbaatar will be delivered free of charge.

    The user is responsible for filling out the address and contact phone number (very clearly / accurately) and must have the phone open during the hours of delivery.

    • Orders are only shipped on business days: Monday-Friday
    • If you place your order before 12:00pm on a business day, we aim to have it shipped the same day.
    • For faster delivery, upgrade your shipping method