In today’s skincare industry, there are a lot of synthetic and harmful ingredients used in skin care products. The most company prefer synthetic chemical additives and easy way to gain profit. They spend money on advertising, regularly telling you that you need their products to look healthy and young. This means that we are exposing our bodies and the environment to an onslaught of unnatural chemicals.

Luckily, there are safer and more natural products to give us what we want beauty without the risk. The organic and natural products are exploding on beauty market.

Active ingredients

Natural skin care products contain 80-90% active ingredients they need to be effective and nourish. That is the reason why natural skin care products are essential compared to artificial products.


It is difficult many people with sensitive skin find products suited for them on perfectly. They are sensitive for chemicals in the products. Natural ingredients are soft and non-allergic. Even though it is possible to be an allergic to some natural ingredients, it is easier if you know which ingredients may cause to react allergic. You can fully understand the ingredients list on natural product.

Your health is worth

hat you put on your skin is important to your health. The truth is, some chemicals found in skin care products can be absorbed to your bloodstream. Many studies proved that artificial ingredients can cause the health issues including skin allergic, hormones disruption and even cancer.

Social responsibility

Did you think that synthetics on beauty product have a harmful to only your health? Not only is skin care affecting us, it is also affecting the planet. Plastic bottles are filling landfills, phthalates in beauty care products are polluting the water, affecting the reproductive health of the fish population. As they get washed into our lakes, rivers and streams, the marine environment have been disrupting. Choose organic and love yourself, love the environment.

Traditional wisdom

The relationship between nature and humans has been profoundly important. Our ancestors had been living to use on their own health, beauty and existence the nature nutrient. But the few past decades have seen the advances of science and technology to fill worldwide demand for people. It’s great that some things become easy way of life. But in return it is also providing the trouble to human being and our planet. Still many traditional handmade remedies don’t lose value because it is knowledge from natural way of life.